Lesson 02: Creativity and Improvisation

What I remember so far that’s been discussed in the video are:


A. Idea Brainstorming

  1. Form groups and come up with 15 best startup ideas.
  2. Within the same group, come up with 15 worst startup ideas. Feel free to be as outlandish as possible.
  3.  Take these 15 worst startup ideas is exchange them with another group, or within the group. Think of how to create a 5-minute ad advertising this worst startup idea. Your job to take this really bad idea and turn it into something wonderful. Come up with your pitch why their idea is actually really good one.
  4. Upload videos of your pitch on the worst startup idea and use the forum to share it with the people in the class.


B. Opportunity Assessment Project (OAP)

  • Presentation midway through the quarter, where your group is going to present to the rest of the class, along with a panel of inter capitalist and angel investors about what start up idea you’ve chosen, what’s the great opportunity that you’re going to pursue.
  • Talk to as many customers as you can.

Present :

  1. Survey and details, evidence that you’ve actually spoken to potential customers.
  2. Analysis of results.


Please feel free to post your comments.


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